Meet Elena and Karl, the new managers at Small Farm!

We are so excited to introduce ourselves as the new operators of Small Farm! Dwight Sipler, the owner of Small Farm (formerly small farm) is retiring after 20 years of delighting customers at his roadside stand with PYO flowers, renowned garlic, and a variety of vegetables. With wide support from the Town of Stow, an impressive effort from the Stow Conservation Trust, and a generous offer from Dwight, a conservation restriction has been placed on the land to protect it in perpetuity. We are so grateful for the tireless efforts of each of the parties involved for recognizing the importance of protecting this special piece of land, and for your contributions in making this protection possible.

After Ray Mong (who has already been over to the farm to help us get one of the tractors going!) of Applefield Farm introduced us to Dwight, we were able to visit small farm throughout the 2017 season to begin learning the ropes. We’ve had lessons from Dwight in how to get the water running in the spring, how to grow Dwight’s famous salad mix, and how to call in employees for lunch using the “lunch bell.” We’ve learned which tree is “Daisy’s oak” and which flowers have been favorites in the PYO field. As you know, the farm community Dwight has established is supportive and close-knit, and we have already received hugs and words of encouragement from our new customers. We feel truly lucky to be offered this opportunity.

So, who are we?
We grew up in nearby Concord, and have been farming as Crooked Row Fields at Brigham Farm in Concord since 2013. We have a combined 23 years of farming seasons under our belts, and are delighted to have finally found land on which to put down roots. Having spent years looking for a home for our business, we are delighted to find a property with a roadside stand, an established customer base, and secure land tenure.

Karl Goethert started farming in 2005 at Brigham Farm after his mom decided he was too old for summer camp. Despite studying 2-D animation at Savannah College of Art and Design, he’s never really looked back!

Elena Colman started farming in 2006 at Brigham Farm after seeing how wonderfully dirty her big sister looked when she returned from her farm job. She currently manages Lexington Community Farm, and helps Karl out whenever she can.

In 2012 we committed to each other and to farming by growing garlic, our first overwintering crop. We’ve been farming together (and growing garlic) ever since! We are ready for the challenge of a new farm and we can’t wait to meet you!